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John Balance interviewed around the time of the release of Stolen and Contaminated Songs on Loves Secret Domain, collaborations, and projected future projects
Death In June
Douglas P. interviewed at the time of the release of But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?. Here he discusses the history of Death In June, his work with Boyd Rice and the continued existence of Death In June
Sol Invictus
Tony Wakeford discusses the roots of Sol Invictus and his interest in Paganism, Magick and Europe
The Grey Area of Mute Records
John McRobbie discusses the rationale behind the experimental / industrial reissue imprint
Evan Dando speaks about his pop-punk group and his ongoing interest in Charles Manson
Matt Howden
The prolific Matt Howden on his work as Sieben, his collaborations with Tony Wakeford and his initial solo outing, Intimate and Obstinate
Keith Smith speaks to Richard Leviathan about his previous project Strength Through Joy, his work with Douglas P. and various philosophical concerns
Lloyd James discusses the history of Naevus up to the release of The Division of Labour, as well as his varied extra-curricular activities
Othon Mataragas, the Greek born songwriter, discusses his work that has featured on the stunning albums Digital Angel and Impermanence
Hirsute Pursuit
We get deep with Harley Phoenix to give you the lowdown on his excitingly raw, sleazy gay sex music outfit Hirsute Pursuit
Danny Hyde
Danny Hyde recalls working with Coil and remixing Nine Inch Nails, and speaks of his subsequent work as Aural Rage and Electric Sewer Age
Tunnels of ĀH
Former Head of David singer, Stephen ĀH Burroughs on the influence of Gnosticism, Buddhism and Christianity on the stunning post-industrial albums Lost Corridors and Thus Avici
Ela Orleans
The Glasgow based Polish artist speaks about her art spanning soundtracks, opera and vintage electronics as well as her haunting ghost-pop releases Tumult In Clouds and Circles Of Upper And Lower Hell
Industrial doom duo Khost talk about their albums Copper Lock Hell, Corrosive Shroud and Governance; the evolution of Khost and the influences that make their sound so unique and much besides.
Following the release of Napoleonic Blues Richard Leviathan expands on the history, mythology and philosophy that underpins his work as Ostara.
Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch
Returning with A Bar Too Far, Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch discuss their new album, their working relationship and the albums When Good Things Happen To Bad Pianos and Genderful.
Coil update 1994
An edited transcript of the conversation with John Balance that formed the Coil update in Compulsion #2 covering International Dark Skies, Backwards, Black Light District and more.
Coil update 1997
An edited transcript of the conversation with Peter Christopherson that formed the Coil update in Compulsion #3 covering the Nothing album, remixes, Coil's film work and much more.
Nine Inch Nails
An in-depth interview with Trent Reznor on the history of NIN, covering all the history of the group up to The Downward Spiral and the Broken movie, directed by Peter Christopherson.
allyoueverwanted compiles the EPs of MAYa, an intriguing English artist living in New York. We spoke to her about the anthology, working with Backworld, JG Thirlwell, and other projects such as the documentary film Penny.