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Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
Speak of the Devil, an article on the art of Aleister Crowley by Jonathon Jones from The Guardian
Aleister Crowley
Art of a Master, a review of a posthumous exhibition of Crowley artwork at the October Gallery, London hosted by Kenneth Anger
Aleister Crowley
House of Evil, an article on Boleskine House and the recollection of Malcolm Dent, the former caretaker, by Nick Hunter from the Daily Record
Aleister Crowley
The Loch Ness Satanic Monster, an article on the enduring cult of Aleister Crowley and Boleskine House by Allan Brown from The Sunday Times

Freya Aswynn
Viking Gods in Drumlcog, a feature on rune mistress Freya Aswynn and her relocation to Scotland by Ron Halliday from the Evening Times
Austin Osman Spare
Friend of the Great Beast, an article on occult artist Austin Osman Spare to coincide with his Marx Gallery exhibition, by Adrian Gately from The Independent
Charles Manson
Manson v. the Mafia, Bill Scanlon Murphy's explosive theory on the Manson murders from his as of yet unpublished Live Freaky Die Freaky book by Neil Mackay from Scotland On Sunday