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Featured album review and interview
Reptilicus Crusher of Bones cover artwork The Wall of Sacrifice Plus cover artwork Patient Zero cover artwork
Reptilicus - Crusher of Bones
Originally released in 1990 and just reissued we finally find out more about this classic industrial album from Iceland's Reptilicus.
Death In June - The Wall Of Sacrifice Plus
To coincide with an expanded reissue, Douglas P. revisits the era around what was considered to be the final Death In June album.
The Psychogeographical Commission - Patient Zero
S: of PsyComm speaks of psychogeography, magick and the albums Genius Loci and Patient Zero
History and Heritage cover artwork Press My Hungry Button cover artwork The Snow Abides cover artwork
While Angels Watch - History and Heritage, Volume 1
Dev speaks of the early roots of While Angels Watch and the parallels between the anarcho scene and the nascent dark-folk scene
Cultural Amnesia - Press My Hungry Button
Gerard Greenway tells us about this experimental synth-pop outfit, cassette culture and their association with Coil's John Balance to accompany their second release of archive material
Michael Cashmore - The Snow Abides
The Current 93 guitarist provides a history of his musical career from his work as Nature & Organisation up to the release of his second album featuring Antony on vocals
Headless cover artwork Hope Springs A Turtle cover artwork NADA! cover artwork
Six Comm - Headless
Patrick Leagas discusses the return of 6 Comm and the release of Headless/Let The Moon Speak
David E. Williams - Hope Springs A Turtle
The noir-cabaret solo-artist talks of his return to recording and his occasional forays into "controversial" realms
Death In June - NADA!
Douglas P. revisits the era of NADA!, to commemorate the reissue of this seminal piece in the canon of Death In June
Organic Traces cover artwork Europe Is Dead cover artwork EAR3 cover artwork
KnifeLadder - Organic Traces
Percussionist John Murphy revisits his extensive musical history, and speaks of his solo-project Shining Vril to accompany the release of KnifeLadder's first full-album
TOROIDH - Europe Is Dead
Henrik Nordvargr discusses his numerous projects including Folkstorm, MZ412 and his current Europe is Dead CD
Chris Carter - Electronic Ambient Remixes, Volume 3
For EAR3 Chris Carter revisited the rhythms of Throbbing Gristle. Here he explains the genesis of the project and the ongoing fascination with TG
Zenith Pitch cover artwork I, Thighpaulsandra cover artwork Time To Tell cover artwork
Amenti Suncrown - Zenith Pitch
The trio of members of this "twisted electronica" outifit tell us how they united over a passion for Coil over the internet
Thighpaulsandra - I, Thighpaulsandra
Thighpaulsandra talks about his stunning, sprawling debut album and his work with Julian Cope, Spiritualized and Coil
Cosey Fanni Tutti - Time To Tell
Cosey Fanni Tutti discusses her experience in the sex industry to coincide with reissue of her solo album and its reworking as EAR2
The Hill of Crosses cover artwork
Sol Invictus - The Hill of Crosses
Tony Wakeford discusses this new work in relation to previous Sol Invictus releases