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Compulsion was launched during the early 1990's. Three issues were published and warmly received. At one point, Terrorizer magazine called Compulsion the best British zine. Compulsion now exists as and remains an irregular but respected online resource. Our primary focus is on artists associated with the post-industrial genre but we cover experimental, ambient, drone, dark- folk, neo-folk (or whatever it's called this week) and related musics. Our interests are much wider and we're hoping to offer broader coverage to increase our web presence in the future. If you think you can help we're more than happy to hear from prospective contributors who think they can offer material that may be of interest.

You can also find material on our favourite films, Performance and The Wicker Man. When these pages were first launched material on these films were scant. We hope to expand these pages in the future.

Compulsion online produce a monthly news digest so please contact us with any news for inclusion at or click here to subscribe to our monthly news digests.

Comments, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated - even if it's just to report a broken link.

Compulsion history and back issues
compulsion 3 cover COMPULSION Volume 3 featuring interviews with Boredoms; Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis; R.N. Taylor of Changes; Jim Thirlwell / Foetus; Jim Rose Circus Sideshow; an A-Z of Somewhere In Europe; Current 93's David Tibet on Tiny Tim.
Articles on James Mason's Universal Order, and The Musical World of Anton LaVey. Plus updates on Coil, Death In June, Sol Invictus and John Aes-Nihil.
News, comment, music and publication reviews.
Artwork by Timothy Patrick Butler.
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compulsion 2 cover COMPULSION Volume 2 featuring interviews with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails; Jim and Debbie Goad of Answer Me!; Director of Manson Family Movies and Manson archivist John Aes-Nihil; Mick Harris of Scorn, Lull and Painkiller; Charnel Music/Trance and (ex-Death in June) Mother Destruction.
Plus all the reviews and stuff you expect.
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compulsion 1 cover
COMPULSION Volume 1 featuring interviews with Douglas P. of Death In June; John Balance of Coil; Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus; William Bennett of Whitehouse; The Grey Area of Mute Records; Lemonheads and Silverfish
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