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Giddle and Boyd - Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt

With Spell, Boyd Rice's collaboration with Rose McDowall on what seems to be a permanent hiatus Boyd Rice has teamed up with Giddle Partridge, who appears to be something of a personality in the cult Hollywood scene. While Spell focussed on songs of love and death, Giddle and Boyd appear to be taking their cues from sixties French Pop, psychedelic and punk electro. That's certainly what comprises Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt, the first fruits of this collaboration which leans heavily on the work of Brigitte Bardot. Two songs are featured on the six track EP. Giddle lends her sultry voice to 'Contact', a groovy keyboard lead number - some may recognise as the basis of the Death In June track 'Flieger'. Boyd and Giddle take the place of Serge Gainsbourg and Bardot for 'Bonnie and Clyde' in an almost carbon copy of the original this time sung in English. Giddle and Boyd are way more glam than Spell, it's all psychedelic designs and day-glo colours. And listening to GoGo Giddle on 'Bubble Gum New Forever' as she refers to herself as "an amusement park" before going on to describe her ample physical charms to the melody of the Shangri Las' 'He Cried' you realise that GoGo Giddle is more than willing to go all the way. Elsewhere there's the rock'n'roll electro throb of Suicide's 'Rocket USA' and the instrumental garage-rock of 'Sunset Strip SS' and the title track - featuring Brian M. Clark co-founder of the UNPOP art movement and editor of Standing In Two Circles: The Collected Works Of Boyd Rice.

Boyd Rice has always displayed an immaculate taste in music, and this latest collaboration with Giddle Partidge, a member of the Partridge Family Temple, sure looks set to be a lot of fun. And given the current state of events with Brigitte Bardot the irony of Boyd singing songs of the former sex-kitten made me laugh anyway. An album Love-Love/Bang-Bang is scheduled for release on Mute Records. Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt is released on lovely heartshaped pink vinyl in an edition of 1000 copies. My copy was signed by both Boyd (black on black) and Giddle with a big smacker of a lipstick kiss. Dig it! For more information go to