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Map 71 - Belladonna Sunsets

Map 71 have been regulars around here for quite some time. Their glorious concoction of rhythm and voice captured on albums such as Turn Back Metropolis and Void Axis has been as unique as it is thrilling. Drawing on post-punk, German electronics and synth pop, all underpinned by the minimal, propulsive, rhythmic patterns of Andy Pyne, and topped with the vivid poetics of artist and vocalist Lisa Jayne, Map 71 offer a stark, minimalist sound reflecting the urban, concrete and brutal, coloured by Lisa Jayne's cut-up, vivid prose. It's great stuff and this new EP also available as limited lathe cut offers a wonderful introduction to the Brighton based duo.

Swirling with wavering synth layers and ricocheting dub rhythms, 'Nude' is dark and dreamy. The vocal is soft and subdued as if folded into the lulling atmosphere, riddled with short splinters of electrified noise. The fact that 'Nude' represents one of Map 71's most accessible moments is really saying something. 'Aces' ups the pressure with a two pronged attack of powerfully propulsive floor toms and Lisa Jayne's barbed poetics transforming halfway through into a noise riddled piece of atmospheric electro-pop.

'Confessions of an Adrenaline Addict' perhaps best represents the type of track associated with their albums where Lisa Jayne's poised, paused and unaffected delivery comes to the fore over the Suicide-esque electro chime and Pyne's continually sleek and inventive rhythmic backbone, while the retro-futurist synth-pop of 'Girlface Occupation' chimes with stabs of electronics and sequences of sci-fi synths and arcade electronics.

Map 71 have been operating under the radar for quite some time but listeners of Sleaford Mods, Billy Nomates should be in familiar company here. Great stuff. Belladonna Sunsets is available digitally and as an ultra limited lathe cut edition featuring the tracks 'Nude' and 'Aces' from Map 71's bandcamp page