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The Nothing Machine - NMTRv1

NMTRv1 which stands for Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings Volume 1 is a mysterious release that fits quite nicely alongside the space explorations of SETI and the technological investigations of Clock DVA and more specifically their offshoot The Anti Group.

The Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings, included here on NMTRv1, were culled from the workings of the Z+ Machine, part of a project (British Z+ Pinch Inertial Energy Program ) designed to probe further the boundaries of Nuclear Fusion Technology in the hope of finding a solution to the world's future energy problems. The experiments were curtailed after 6 months after investigations proved that they had ripped a spherical hole in space/time which 'relaxed' out to a three square mile vicinity due to the elastic nature of reality when the Z+ machine was turned off. This resulted in a reconfiguration of the Z+ Machine which created a Nothing Containment Field (NCF) that 'sucked' back in these dispersed gaps to return the Reality Density (RD) of the surrounding area to that measured previously. Still with me? As the effects amounted to a pure nothing the machines were now referred to as The Nothing Machine.

The initial operation of the machines resulted in various side effects experienced by those working on the project. The symptoms included premature ageing. However it was found that the audio frequencies drawn in by the NCF put the condition into remission. These frequencies have been edited and refined to produce Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings, allowing the Technicians to spend time away from the Machine without the symptoms returning too heavily in the medium term. NMTRv1 are the first recordings released to the public.

Of course, this recording is a by product of experiments but the anonymous technicians have done a fine job in refining these into one expansive track of uneasy ambience. Shimmering frequencies and ringing tones nestle beside the ghostlike whirrs and creaks that emanate from the machines. At points it all gets sucked up into a vortex of deep swirling reverberations, churning out billows of ghostlike howl into a blur of foggy ambience. Elsewhere there is the sound of hollow taps, squelchy tones and the hiss from machines before the entire thing glides into dark ambient territory.

No background is given about the technicians nor their listening habits but it does seem they are channelling the celestial vibrations picked up by Cyclobe, the abstract workings mined by Nurse With Wound and the deep space reverberations explored by Lustmord. NMTRv1 sounds like the kind of dark ambient recording that the Canadian label Cyclic Law would release.

NMTRv1 clocks in at just over 53 minutes but strangely enough time seemed to pass by much more quickly.... For more information go to or